Where to Take Your ISTQB or ISEB Software Testing Certification Exams

Published: 26th March 2010
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Earning any ISEB or ISTQB software testing certification is really a 2-step process: you must first study and otherwise prepare for your exam, and then you must book and actually take your exam.

The first step comes down to either purchasing a self-study training course, or attending a multi-day instructor led course. Self-study training packages such as those offered at UniversalExams.com are the most cost-effective option, although instructor-led courses tend to offer a more immersive learning environment. Step 2 is to actually book, and then take, your certification exam, and it is this step which is the focus of this article.

ISEB / ISTQB Foundation Level Exam

The very first software testing certification you must earn is the ISEB / ISTQB Foundation level (also known as CTFL-Foundation, or ASTQB in the US). Whether you aim to pursue the ISEB or the ISTQB certification path, the same Foundation level exam is used for both.

You can take your ISEB / ISTQB Foundation level exam via a computer based examination centre and receive your results immediately. The 2 main computer based testing companies are Prometric and Pearson Vue. Prometric has over 5000 offices in 160 countries, and Pearson Vue has approximately 4000 offices in 140 countries.

Alternatively, if you are located in the UK, you can book your exam directly with the ISEB governing board, the British Computer Society (BCS). The Foundation level exam fee is £130 ($250 in the US).

ISEB Intermediate & Practitioner Exams

If you plan to progress through the ISEB certification path, the next certification level is the ISEB Intermediate, followed by the ISEB Practitioner level which itself contains 2 modules (Test Analysis and Test Manager). The ISEB Intermediate exam can be taken at Prometric, Pearson Vue, or the BCS just like the ISEB Foundation level, and the exam fee is £110. Conversely, the 2 ISEB Practitioner level exams can only be taken directly through the BCS, and the cost is £150 per exam.

ISTQB Advanced Level Exams

For those pursuing the ISTQB certification path, the next level encompasses the 3 modules of the ISTQB Advanced level certification (Test Analyst, Technical Test Analyst, and Test Management).

If you are located in the US, you can book your ISTQB Advanced level exam directly with the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (astqb.org). The exam fee is $200 per module plus a 1-time qualification fee of $100.

For all other locations, you must book your exam directly with the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (istqb.org), and the exam fee is £180 per module.


To sum it all up, the ISEB / ISTQB Foundation and ISEB Intermediate level exams can be booked and taken at Prometric, Pearson Vue, or the BCS.

The two ISEB Practitioner level exams must be booked directly with the BCS.

The three ISTQB Advanced level exams can be booked at astqb.org in the US, or at istqb.org for any other location.

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