Software Testing On Cloud 9?

Published: 27th June 2011
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Firms that make use of IT ventures to preserve their corporations have begun to make a change when it comes to cloud computing. Cloud computing from the perspective of software testing denotes the centralization of assignments or functions over the web, such that inputs from numerous physical locales can be dealt with by using a singular internet based structure.

Lots of information technology departments have started to utilize cloud computing at a greater frequency to improve efficiency and save money and resources. Recent cloud test methods are becoming more and more successful. Here's a few insights regarding ways to utilize this platform for your organization.

Executing a software test via the cloud necessitates a specific set up; you ought to maintain a separate test laboratory and personnel, which of course might vary from industry to industry or product to product.. It is essential to remember that the laboratory must be separate from the rest of the IT area and should also have employees specifically there to execute testing activities within the lab. Once created, the lab can start to test things over the Internet, and in fact this is the foundation of what cloud computing is.

Ultimately, as soon as the systems and laboratory environments are created, the company will have the ability to handle an increasing number of tasks via cloud computing. This will save tons of cash and resources, and the movement is already transforming the business world as we speak (a good example of a company on the cutting edge of this trend is Twitter). The primary reason for this trend is that efficiency and effectiveness are more important now than ever due to worldwide competition and economic uncertainty, and the usage of the cloud can help companies do more with less.

Obviously, any thing that is relatively new will have its share of issues. For example, you really must keep tabs on the activities of the actual testers. If your staff is experienced, you can relax a little; however do not ever make the mistake of evoking complete trust in the staff. It is critical to follow up to ensure that the activities of the testers are moving forward on time and on budget. You do not want to find some kind of error or test plan flaw late in the process, as this could lead to the worst-case scenario of the test results being declared invalid and having to start the testing all over again. Thus, you should require that IT personnel monitor this closely and let the testing personnel know at the beginning of the project that this will be the case.

In summary, cloud computing seems like it is not going away any time soon, for software testing functions as well as business operations in general. The capability to use distributed computing environments to tap into global resources concurrently has the chance to dramatically help the bottom line when it comes to software testing efforts. However transitioning to the cloud necessitates some time and effort to create the lab plus train and motivate the employees. But the resulting efficiency gains are almost always well worth the effort.

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