Salary Impact of ISTQB Accreditation

Published: 26th September 2011
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Many professional software testers wonder, "is it worth the investment in time and money to gain my ISEB/ISTQB certifications?" Some may even ask themselves "if I have the knowledge and experience in this field, do I need a certificate to prove it?" Well, the short answer to both of those questions is a resounding "yes."

In the field of technology, continuing education is important, not only in gaining job-specific knowledge and abilities, but also in keeping up with ongoing trends in the highly competitive IT industry. It is especially important in a global economic climate, as many IT jobs are moving overseas. Thus, certification in the field of software engineering and testing will help you retain that edge that facilitates job security and advancement. An ISEB/ISTQB certification will help your career on several fronts: at the onset of your career, in career planning and development, and in short and long-term salary projections.

It is proven that software testing job applicants who hold an ISEB / ISTQB certification are hired nearly 3 to 1 over non-certified applicants, and at a higher starting salary. In terms of job advancement, certification goes a long way toward showing the commitment, drive, and initiative it takes to succeed and get the job done; all of these are traits that are sought by management when it comes time to evaluate job performance in consideration of raises and promotions. Statistics show that of those testers who attained a certification, 31% received a promotion within the first year after certification, and 43% received a raise in salary. Overall, nearly half of software testers who gained an ISEB/ ISTQB certification saw their salaries go up by an average of 19% annually. Employers tend to feel more confident in an employee who goes the route of gaining certification. It shows that they have the ability to commit to a positive course of action, and to follow it through to its logical conclusion.

An ISEB / ISTQB certification also instills confidence, not only within himself or herself but also with the employer. It shows that they have the skill-set to overcome obstacles, find solutions, and maintain best-practice protocols within the context of the testing parameters. However subconscious it may be, having that certification allows the IT professional to step into any situation secure in the knowledge that they are well-trained and capable, and this confidence tends to permeate specific projects as well as the work environment as a whole.

So if you are serious about beginning a career as a software tester, or improving your skills or advancing in your current IT position, then an ISEB / ISTQB certification is more than worth the time and money. It is an investment in your future which will see returns in every aspect of your career: professional growth and satisfaction, financial gain, and self respect are just some of the benefits reaped from certification. There is also the prospect of job security and advancement, which are immeasurable when one works in a highly competitive and rapidly changing field during a constantly fluctuating and volatile global economy.

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