Can Earning Your ISTQB Software Testing Certification Assist Your Career?

Published: 30th March 2011
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Now, more than ever, as everything on the planet has picked up pace, there has never been more emphasis on the importance of certification training. No matter what the industry, whether it be construction, corporate marketing, or software testing, the benefits of certification training are clear. In fact, it is nearly a requirement for anyone who is interested in taking their software testing career to the next level.

The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) is one source that has clearly established itself as the global gold standard for software testing accreditation. As such, the purpose of this article is to provide an overview of ISTQB, as well as how an ISTQB certification can help your career.


The constant evolution of technology presents the challenge of keeping up to date with the latest advancements. To help, the ISTQB was formed to help software testers adapt to these changes. The ISTQB sets guidelines for accreditation, and facilitates the examination process and exam structure. It utilizes a practical approach that is designed to complement the way people work. ISTQB is the only not-for-profit organization solely dedicated to providing credible, practical, trusted, and globally-accepted software testing certifications that aim to raise the standard of the industry.

ISTQB certifications must be earned sequentially, beginning first with the ISTQB Foundation level, and then the ISTQB Advanced level which itself consists of 3 separate modules (Test Analyst, Test Manager, and Technical Test Analyst). The certification exams are based on each level's core syllabus, or outline, which provides basic knowledge as well as real-world problems to help software testers develop the skill set necessary to conquer everyday challenges.


First and foremost, an ISTQB software testing certification can help get your foot in the door. Any employment candidate holding this globally accepted certification will be viewed as having a high degree of proficiency and professional acuity. As such, you will have an immediate advantage over other employment candidates. Simply put, you will stand out from the crowd.

Additionally, the knowledge gained from pursuing an ISTQB certification can be used to elevate your leadership profile within the company. For example, you will be better equipped to coach colleagues, participate on teams, and generally enhance your reputation by making positive contributions and exchanging ideas linked to your name. You might even find that your company will ask you to make presentations and lead teams, which will naturally build confidence and strengthen your reputation. This networking can lead to excellent connections and opportunities as you continue to participate.

Finally, holding an ISTQB certification will help you stay up-to-date. What other industry moves faster than information technology? If you are certified, you will have the foundational knowledge necessary to stay on top of industry changes. This will enhance your career because you will quickly become known as an industry expert within your own company.


If you are a software tester, earning an ISTQB certification is one of the best things you can do for your career. It will help get your foot in the door, and then once there it will help to enhance your internal reputation and networking opportunities within the company. This will ultimately enable personal as well as professional growth, leading to a high probability of accelerated upward mobility.

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